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You can find me at GtG Forums, BGG, and Discord under the yakguardian/Yak Guardian Screenname.

IMPORTANT NOTE: My Print-and-Play (PnP) pdfs are designed for printing at a size for use with Swingline/GBC's ID Badge size laminating pouches (product #56005). This was done by stripping most of the bleed from the sides of the cards so that the final size is 675x1050 pixels instead of the standard 754x1054 pixels.


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Sentinels of the Multiverse

UID=0, SID=1, XID=1-9, ID=1+
Heroes: [37] 2 need Testing; 3 need Lamninating & Testing
        (Multiverse Era: Legacy | Wraith | Bunker | Tachyon | Absolute Zero | Fanatic | Haka | Ra | Tempest | Visionary | Unity | Expatriette | Mister Fixer | ...
        ... Argent Adept | Nightmist | Scholar | Chrono-Ranger | Omnitron-X | Captain Cosmic | Sky-Scraper | K.N.Y.F.E | Naturalist | Parse | Setback | Southwest Sentinels | Guise)
        (OblivAeon Era: Akash'Thryia | Harpy | La Comodora | Lifeline | Luminary | Stuntman | Benchmark | Doctor Medico | Idealist | Mainstay | Writhe)
Villains: [24] 10 need Laminating
Vengeance Villains: [15] 15 need laminating
Environments: [27] 5 need Laminating
        Greater then Games: Home | Store | Forums
        Other Links: SotM Wiki | SotM at BGG

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The Cauldron

UID=1, SID=1, XID=1-6, ID=38+
Heroes: [22] 3 need Laminating; 4 need Laminating & Testing
Villains: [17] 17 need Laminating
Environments: [18] 11 need Laminating; 2 in development (Oblask Crater | Dungeons of Terror)
        The Cauldron: Discussion Thread | Cauldron Homepage (not on BGG)

Sentinels of Earth Prime

UID=1, SID=2, XID=1-2, ID=60+
Awaiting Pledge Manager expected soon. Delivery estimate still 4/2021.
Heroes: [12]
Villains: [5]
Environments: [5]
        Kickstarter Page

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The Crisis

Crossover Crisis

UID=2, SID=1, XID=1, ID=101+
Heroes: [5] COMPLETE
        Character Cards | Fatale | Team 7 | Violet Parr | Yak Guardian | Young Justice | Young Justice (2018, minor update)
Villains: [2] 2 need testing, then art
        The Agenda | The Glass Assassins
Environments: [3] COMPLETE
        Impossible Isle | Unfriendly Country X | World without Grown-Ups

Crisis II: Crossing Over

UID=2, SID=1, XID=2, ID=106+
Heroes: [5] 5 in re-development
        Dash Parr (with Jack-Jack) | Gallant (with Bastion) | Green Arrow (with Black Canary) | JJ Powell (with Daphne) | Manwolf (with Wolfling)
Villains: [2] 2 in planning stages
        ... | ...
Environments: [3] 1 done; 1 in development; 1 in planning stages
        Rift in Time and Space | Star City | ...

Crisis III: Crossing Back

UID=2, SID=1, XID=3, ID=111+
Heroes: [5] 3 in development; 2 in planning stages
        Elastigirl | Kokopelli | Stargirl | ... | ...
Vengeance Villains: [3] 3 in planning stages
        ... | ... | ...
Environments: [3] 1 in development; 2 in planning stages
        Lost Canyon | ... | ...

Christmas Caper

So I created a Santa Hero deck, not really meaning it as a serious deck, more of an early Christmas present to the talented folks on the Sentienls variant forum over at BGG. Meanwhile, a simple question from Rob Brown over in the Sentinels Custom Playtesting Discord started a conversation that took this one-off deck and turned it into a full Christmas-themed expansion.
UID=2, SID=25, XID=1, ID=125+

Expansion Rulebook

        SotM: Christmas Caper rulebook


        Santa v.2 (testing underway) / BGG Thread

Scenarios (Villain + Environment)

        Assault Leader Blade @ Santa's Village (complete; adding art)
        Mayor Snowton @ Snowglobe (theorycrafting)
        Grand Marshal Blade @ Christmas Parade (testing underway)
        Belsnickel @ Island of Lost Toys (theorycrafting)
        Santa Blade @ Santa Blade's South Pole (theorycrafting)

Variant Hero Cards

Heroes who appear in the "canonical" story:
        Guise: ...
        Jenny Sparklemuffin: ...
        Legacy: The Fight before Christmas
        Quicksilver: ...
        Siren: ...
        Tucker: Christmas Cheer
        Violet Parr: Light the Tree
Other Christmas Caper themed Variants:
        Absolute Zero: Cold Meiser

Paragons of the Polyverse (open-ended expansion)

Universe Era

Games set in the canon or non-canon Universes prior to OblivAeon shattering the timelines.
UID=2, SID=2, XID=1-9, ID=11xx
Heroes (Sentinels of 1944): 1 done; 3 in development
        Secret Squad | Sentinel | Shadowgirl | U.S. Legacy
Villains: 1 in development
        Fyodor Ramonant
Environments: 1 in development
        Mordengrad Industrial Zone

Multiverse Era

Games set during the Multiverse period, up to and including the OblivAeon Event, where time-travel and dimension-hopping allows nearly any hero, villain, or environment from any canon or non-canon universe to appear in any combination. THIS IS THE ERA IN WHICH EVERY GAME EVER PLAYED IS CONSIDERED CANONICAL.
UID=2, SID=3, XID=1-9, ID=17xx
Heroes: 3 done; 1 needs Laminating & Testing
        Trekking the Multiverse: U.S.S. Enterprise (UNTESTED)
        Kitties of the Multiverse: OllieBear - Vincent Saint Vincent
        Sentinels of the Whoverse: Doctor Who Hero Deck - Doctor Who Character Cards
        The Crisis: Mini-Expansions: details to come
        NOTE: Vincent's pdf includes an unofficial promo for Rob Brown's Charlie Edsall, P.I. deck, as well as an unofficial Ra promo.

Primeverse Era

Games set after Voss isolated the Prime Canonical Universe. By default, these games are non-canonical as in this period, the RPG rules are used for gaming purposes.
UID=2, SID=4, XID=1-9, ID=23xx
Heroes: 1 done; 1 needs Laminating & Testing; 2 in development
        Stranded: Giant Bulk | Ishtar | Quasinda | Stonefall (UNTESTED)

Polyverse Era

Games set after Voss isolated the Prime Canonical Universe from the surviving universes of the Multiverse. As most of these universes never saw OblivAeon, they refer to the OblivAeon Event as The Scion War. After the (from their perspective unknown) defeat of OblivAeon, these surviving universes (the Polyverse) continued to exist and to fight against Villany in its many form. As with the Multiverse Era, nearly any Hero, Villain, or Environment could appear here.
UID=2, SID=5, XID=1-9, ID=29xx
Heroes: 1 needs laminating & testing; 1 in re-development
        The Paragons: ...coming in 2021 or so...
        Paragon Allies: Assistant Librarian (UNTESTED)
        NOTE: Assistant Librarian includes my version of the Multiverse Timeline. Also her 2 Hero Character Cards are identical save for the art. (Lazy. I know.)

Single-Card solution to playing with only 2 Heroes

        Setup: Set up two Heroes as normal. Play Bardac in the Environment play area, active side up. (H)=3.
        Gameplay: Bardac is a Hero Target and a Hero Character Card. If Bardac is the only Active Hero, the Hero Lose-Game Over! Bardac shares the Environment Play Area for effects that target all Targets/Cards in a Play Area. If Bardac is the Target of a Play-a-Card, Use-a-Power, or Draw-a-Card effect, he instead regains 1HP. If Bardac is the target of a Discard or Destroy a Card effect, he instead deals himself 1 irreducible psychic damage. When Bardac deals damage, the players decide the target.
        Thematically, Bardac is a C-level Hero who just happens to be in the area when the "regular" Heroes confront the Villain.

Bardac's Card
FRONT: Bardac / 28HP / At the Start of the Environment Turn, Bardac Deals 1 Target 2 Energy Damage. One Player may Play a Card and Another Player may Draw a Card, even if these actions are disallowed by another Card.
BACK/INCAP: Incapacitated Powers (Choose one each Turn):
    --One Player may Play a Card.
    --Destroy an Environment Card.
    --One Hero Regains X HP where X equals the number of Incapacitated Heroes, plus 1.

Statistical Analysis of Sentinels Heroes

        When I was building and testing my Young Justice deck, my friend Scott felt that it was overpowered. I, and others, did not feel so, but I respected Scott's opinion enough to undertake a massive statistical analysis of the Heroes. Using the 26 (pre-OblivAeon) Heroes as a baseline, I have now tested not only Young Justice but also over 80 additional custom (Licensed, my own, and other Third-Party) Hero decks. By and large, I have found nearly all of them to be balanced. (Some Cauldron and OblivAeon Heroes have skewed higher, and I suspect the Earth Prime Heroes will as well, but the analysis is still ongoing.)
        When OblivAeon was in playtesting, many felt that the Heroes were skewing tougher than the Multiverse era Heroes. I was among them. As a result, I have treated them as a seperate group and left my stats based on the 26 original Heroes. When I complete very groups (OblivAeon, Cauldron, Earth Prime, etc.) I will add additional analyses to the baseline stats.
        My testing methodology is: Ra, K.N.Y.F.E., and the Hero being tested, versus Baron Blade, at the Mobile Defense Platform. I run the scenario until I have achieved five wins. Except for Win Percentage, the stats are based solely on the victorious games. I include stats for Survivability (percentage of original HP left), Per Round Damage Output (not damage dealt but total damage put out into the universe, including hero deck triggred self-damage, damage boosts, overkill damage, but excluding damage reductions), and number of Suport Cards (cards that boost other Heroes: allowing Plays, Powers, Draw, HP regains, Hero damage boosts, Non-Hero damage reduction, etc.). I also record number of cards that allow Damage Reduction, but mostly as a curiosity as a Hero without Ongoing Destruction in this scenario leaves the only hope against Baron Blade's Ongoings as KNYFE's 2 cards.
        Having the baseline values (Survivability 32% Standard Deviation 9.04%, PRDO 4.22 SD 2.0535, Support 6 SD 5.547), I have used it to playtest OblivAeon and Earth Prime Heroes, and custom Heroes (both my own and other people's). It is not, by any means, a perfect tool, but I feel it is a useful tool, especially during development.
        The summary of the stats to date can be found here.

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Board Game Geek group efforts

The Bug

        The Bug was a result of a suggestion in this thread by TakeWalker. The card text was written by Zodiac Jack. Yak Guardian (that would be me) purchased from art from an app-builder art site and created the PnP deck Yes, the deck has 42 cards. I didn't try to fix this, I just built the deck as written.
UPDATE: Per Zodic Jack: remove all 3 copies of Regenerate and add 1 copy of Sting. I will update the PnP PDF at some point.


UID=3, SID=5, XID=1, ID=241+
Heroes: [8] COMPLETE
        My PnP files (H): Ant | Eve | Law & Order | Liberty Lad | Man-Bot | Man-O-War | Minuteman | Tombstone

Gun Club Variants

Rob Brown (Bobbertoriley322) & Mike Williams (Insomn) created the "Gun Club" variants of Expatriette, Matt Bishop's Tango One, Rob's Tucker, and Mike's Charade. It's not really an expansion, but it seems cool enough to mention.


UID=3, SID=9, XID=1, ID=281+
Heroes: [3] COMPLETE
        Gravnos | Haku & Flutter | Turbulence
        Developed with permission of writer/artist Chris Garrett. There is a PrinterStudio link in the main BGG threads. NOTE: There were other Heroes and Villains in development when the threads went silent.


Adelphophage's Archives

UID=3, SID=1, XID=1, ID=201+
Heroes: [3] COMPLETE
Villains: [2] 1 done; 1 needs laminating
Environments: [4] 2 done; 2 need laminating
        Adelphophage's Archives
        My PnP files (H): Executor | Fusion | Pantheon
        My PnP files (V): Heretic | Legion
        My PnP files (E): High Security Wing | Mobile Assault Platform | MMBBAA | Old Town
        My PnP files (Special): The Gauntlet - an alternate play-style for Vengeance Villains games
        NOTE: In the Pantheon file, I have given them the OblivAeon Nemesis Icon, as this fits thematically, allowing you to play out the scene where Ra and the Ennead make their heroic charge against OblivAeon. However, I've also included a version with their own unique Nemesis Icon (which I strongly believe all of the OblivAeon era hero deserved), in the Fusion file.

Alskandar19/Alex Klein *** [ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT]

Sentinels of the Buffyverse

UID=3, SID=3, XID=1, ID=221+
Heroes: [5] 1 done; 2 need laminating & testing; 2 in development (Giles | Spike)
Villains: [8] 3 need laminating; 2 need printing; 3 in development (The Master | The Initiative | Mayor Wilkins | Glory | The First Evil)
Vengeance: [4] 2 need printing; 2 in development (Sweet | Ethan Rayne | Anyanka | The Trio)
Environments: [5] 2 need laminating; 3 in development (The Bronze | The Magic Box | The Wishverse)
        Sentinels of the Buffyverse
        My PnP files (H): Buffy | Willow | Xander
        My PnP files (V): Angelus | Dark Willow | The Gentlemen
        My PnP files (VV):
        My PnP files (E) Sunnydale High School (with Season 1 Promos) | Sunnydale Graveyard

ArkiThe7th/Quinten Meyer ***

Steven Universe

Heroes: [7] 7 need printing (Amethyst | Garnet | Lapis | Pearl | Peridot | Steven & Connie | The Crystal Gems)
Villains: [2] 2 need printing (Aquamarine | Jasper)
        Steven Universe


Heroes: [1] 1 needs printing (Luz Noceda)

She-Ra & the Princesses of Power

Heroes: [12] 12 need printing
Villains: [3] 3 need printing

Bobbertoriley322/Rob Brown *** [ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT]

Case Files

UID=3, SID=14, XID=1, ID=331+
Heroes: [2] COMPLETE?????
Villains: [2] 2 in development (Nergal (Tucker's Nemesis) | Rook (Charlie's Nemesis))
Environments: [5] 5 in development (Birchwood, Mass. | HMCS Moondancer | Division 6 | ParadiseLost/The Lone Oak | The Most Dangerous Game)
        Case Files
        My PnP files (H): Character Cards & Promos (including Gun Club) | Charlie's deck | Tucker's Deck

Braithwhite/Chris Burton [Now a GtG Employee; NO ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT]

Braithwhite Chronicles

UID=3, SID=2, XID=1, ID=211+
Heroes: [5] 5 need art (Aviators | Code Monkey | Gideon Castle | Gremlin | Red Mask)

CB Minis

UID=3, SID=2, XID=2, ID=231+
Heroes: [2] COMPLETE
Villains: [2] 2 need art (Meltdown | Nightmare Child)
        Braithwhite's BGG Threads
        My PnP files (H): Mimic | Timepeace

FlatOnHisFace/Dennison Milenkaya

Order of the Rose

UID=3, SID=8, XID=1, ID=271+
Heroes: [7] 1 done; 6 need laminating & testing
Villains: [1] 1 needs laminating

FohF Minis

UID=3, SID=8, XID=2, ID=351+
Villains: [1] 1 needs laminating
Environments: [4] 1 done; 3 need laminating
        FlatOnHisFace's BGG Threads
        My PnP files (H): Alpha | Bella | Bruni | Eirelle | Guntar | Rhianissa | Scarlet
        My PnP files (V): Hunt of the Fantaria (OotR) | Blackjack (mini)
        My PnP files (E): BSU | Carnival | Scorched Sands | Spanish Main
        NOTE: BSU is a re-skin of Dennison's UC Berkeley Environment.

Gold Chevron/Shane Donnelly ***

Villains: [1] 1 needs printing

Hateful Darkblack/Ted Pro ***

Heroes: [2] 2 need printing (Parthenope | Phocas)
Environments: [1] 1 needs printing (Murder Mystery)
        Hateful Darkblack's BGG Threads

Insomn/Mike Williams *** [ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT]

Menagerie of the Multiverse

UID=3, SID=16, XID=1, ID=391+
Heroes: [5] 1 needs printing; 4 in development (Ghost Girl | Charade | Concord | Mercury | Radiance)
Villains: [3] 1 needs printing; 2 in development (Ghostheart | Concordant Trio | Rook Industries)
Environments: [4] 1 needs printing; 3 in development (Stanley Sports Center | Downtown Halcyon City | Oakland Cemetery | Saint Lucia Medical)
        Menegerie of the Multiverse


Heroes: [1] 1 needs printing

Jacob Busby

Heroes: [1] 1 needs printing



UID=3, SID=6, XID=1, ID=251+
Heroes: [5] 1 done; 2 tested but need art; 2 need art (Hype | Hypothermic | John Wrath | Warman)
        Killershrike's SotM Customs
        My PnP files (Heroes): Scything
        (Images on his site are tiny, so I've been rebuilding the cards.)

Mage McCloud


UID=3, SID=10, XID=1, ID=371+
Heroes: [2] 1 done; 1 needs printing (Enyo | Phoenix Wright)
        My PnP files (Heroes): Enyo

Marshal Rav Beaver

Heroes: [1] 1 needs printing

Matthew Malecki

The Armory

UID=3, SID=4, XID=1, ID=361+
Heroes: [1] COMPLETE
Villains: [1] 1 needs laminating (Mulock King)
        My PnP files (Heroes): Commonwealth

Mistillian ***

Heroes: [1] 1 needs printing

Phantaskippy/Geoffrey Benedict

Heroes: [12] 12 need art
Villains: [5] 5 need art
Environments: [5] 5 need art

PWatson1974/Paul Watson

The Four

UID=3, SID=11, XID=2, ID=291+
Heroes: [4] 4 need art (Blade | Dawn | Nevermore | Train)
Villains: [1] 1 needs art (The Four Horsemen)
Environments: [1] 1 needs art (Redemption Club)


UID=3, SID=11, XID=1, ID=301+
Heroes: [5] 2 done; 3 need art (Convoy | Equinox | Militia)
Villains: [5] 5 need art (Commander | Count | Reaper | TechNique | Zodiac)
Environments: [3] 3 need art (Castle Uberwald | Fantastic Voyage | World at War)
        My PnP files (Heroes): Null | Rainbow

Rakaydos ***

Galaxy Patrol

Heroes: [3] 3 in development (T.A.C. | Starship Vaemara | ???)
Villains: [1] 1 in development (Starshade)
Environments: [1] 1 in development (Rings of Orion)
        Galaxy Patrol


Heroes: [1] 1 in development (Tovera)


Spiffworld Environments

UID=3, SID=13, XID=1, ID=321+
Environments: [5] 5 need laminating

Spiffworld Redux Environments

UID=3, SID=13, XID=2, ID=326+
Environments (BGG Redux): [5] 1 done; 4 need laminating
        SotM at SpiffWorld
        My Pnp Files (Original Environments): Crystal Vault Caverns | Frostfury Mountain | Odyssey Space Station | Styx Sewer Complex | Temporal Vortex
        My PnP Files (Environments Redux): Crystal Vault Caverns | Frostfury Mountain | Odyssey Space Station | Styx Sewer Complex | Temporal Vortex


Sentinels of the My Little Pony 'Verse

UID=3, SID=7, XID=1, ID=261+
Heroes: [4] 1 done; 3 need printing
Villains: [4] 4 need printing
Environments: [5] 1 needs laminating; 4 need printing

Lost Girls

UID=3, SID=7, XID=2, ID=341+
Heroes: [3] 1 needs printing (Jenny Sparklemuffin); 2 in development (Lily Black | Packrat)
        Walker's Workbench
        My PnP files (MLP Heroes): Apple Jack


Spooky Ghostwriter Comics

UID=3, SID=15, XID=1, ID=381+
Heroes: [5] 2 need printing; 3 in development (Escarlata | Gold Dragon | Tsukiko | Electrogeist | Zywen)
Villains: [1] 1 in development (La Nocturna)
Environments: [1] 1 in development (Alesia Circus)
        Tesla's Workshop


UID=3, SID=12, XID=1, ID=311+
Heroes: [6] 1 done; 5 need printing
Villains: [2] 2 need printing
Environments: [3] 1 needs printing; 2 in development
        My PnP files (Heroes): Green Death



Heroes: [5]
Villains: [1]

Krumit's Tale

Heroes: [4]
        Krumit's Tale

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2nd Party305101015158
3rd Party102394820390106

This allows for 2,976,863,496,552,000 different five-Hero games.

Vengeance Villains
Official: 15
Licensed: 0
2nd Party: 3
3rd Party: 4















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