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SotM Daybreak Decks by Chase -- UPDATED 14 December 2021
These decks were a passion product of Chase (chasejyd). Sadly, Chase passed away in September 2021, at which point only one of the decks had art and it was still in playtesting. Rather than let his project fade away, the decks are being presented here are in very close to the final state that Chase had them in. Some minor editorial changes, mostly to bring the wording closer to Sentinels standard, were made, and art is being provided.

You can find me at GtG Forums, BGG, and Discord under the yakguardian/Yak Guardian Screenname.


Hero Decks


Aeon Girl -- Character Cards & Deck Back complete.
Headlong -- Character Cards & Deck Back complete.
Muerto -- Character Cards & Deck Back complete.
Muse -- Character Cards & Deck Back complete.
Rockstar -- Character Cards & Deck Back complete.



Villain Deck

Myriad -- Deck Back complete.



Vengeance/Villains/Gauntlet style Villain Decks


Blister -- Deck Back complete.
Deeproot -- Deck Back complete.
Drudge -- Deck Back complete.
Screech -- Deck Back complete.
Snare -- Deck Back complete.



Environment Decks

Battle of the Bands -- Deck Back complete; Deck lacks art and Flavor Text.
Freedom Academy Plaza -- Deck Back complete.



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Sentinels of the Multiverse is the property of Greater Than Games. The characters were created by Christopher Badell and Adam Rebottaro. Deck design by Chase (chasejyd). Art by Yak Guardian (Michael J. Ahlers).