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Gen13BootlegLogo.gif (12123 bytes)
Gen13UnrealWorld.bmp (71106 bytes)
The Unreal World
Gen13UnrealWorldAshcan.JPG (15594 bytes)
The Unreal World,
Gen13OrdinaryHeroes1.bmp (71106 bytes)
Ordinary Hearoes #1
Gen13OrdinaryHeroes2.bmp (71106 bytes)
Ordinary Heroes #2
Gen13Bootleg01A.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #1, cover A
Gen13Bootleg01B.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #1, cover B
Gen13Bootleg02.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #2
Gen13Bootleg03.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #3
Gen13Bootleg04.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #4
Gen13Bootleg05.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #5
Gen13Bootleg06.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #6
Gen13Bootleg07.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #7
Gen13Bootleg08.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #8
Grunge: The Movie
part 1
Gen13Bootleg09.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #9
Grunge: The Movie
part 2
Gen13Bootleg10.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #10
Grunge: The Movie
part 3
Gen13Bootleg11.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #11
Gen13Bootleg12.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #12
Gen13Bootleg13.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #13
Gen13Bootleg14.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #14
Gen13Bootleg15.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #15
Gen13Bootleg16.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #16
Gen13Bootleg17A.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #17, cover A
Gen13Bootleg17B.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #17, cover B
Gen13Bootleg18A.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #18, cover A
Gen13Bootleg18b.bmp (72130 bytes)
Bootleg #18, cover B
Gen13Bootleg19.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #19
Gen13Bootleg20.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg #20
Gen13BootlegAnnual1.bmp (71106 bytes)
Bootleg Annual #1
Gen13Roxy1A.bmp (71106 bytes)
Magical Drama
Queen Roxy #1,
cover A
Gen13Roxy1B.bmp (71106 bytes)
Magical Drama
Queen Roxy #1,
cover B
Gen13Roxy1DFE.JPG (33003 bytes)
Magical Drama
Queen Roxy #1,
Dynamic Forces Ed.
Gen13Roxy2A.bmp (71106 bytes)
Magical Drama
Queen Roxy #2,
cover A
Gen13Roxy2B.bmp (71106 bytes)
Magical Drama
Queen Roxy #2,
cover B
Gen13Roxy3A.bmp (71106 bytes)
Magical Drama
Queen Roxy #3,
cover A
Gen13Roxy3B.bmp (71106 bytes)
Magical Drama
Queen Roxy #3,
cover B

The Unreal World and Ordinary Heroes are not officially part of the Bootleg series but their success was almost certainly responcible for the launch of Gen13 Bootleg.  The series was cancelled with #20 although other issues had been planned.  Issues #21 and #22 were solicited prior to the cancellation (see below for details) and Magical Drama Queen Roxy was also originally going to be part of Bootleg.

Solicitation information for the never produced Gen13 Bootleg #21 and #22:

Gen13 Bootleg #21: Scheduled for August 1998.  Story by Steven Grant.  Art by David Williams.
        Trying to enjoy his favorite superhero television show at home, Grunge finds his screen idol mercilessly mocked by his fellow teammates.  Angered at finding his own ego challenged, Grunge bets Fairchild that he can spend a night on the town fighting crime alone.  The only problem is, he isn't allowed to use his normal superpowers.  So it's brain and brawn to the rescue as Grunge must become Gorilla Guy, the Ape Crusader and hero of the night!  But even aided by Roxy as his sidekick Chimpanzella, can even this new dynamic team withstand and defeat the surprise new menace of Boss Kong?

Gen13 Bootleg #22: Scheduled for September 1998.  Story by Louise Simpson.   Pencils by Paris Cullins.  Inks by Al Gordon.
        Sensing the titanic tide people now feel for times gone by, a daydreaming entrepreneur constructs the world's newest and largest zepplin, with the hope of recreating a lost era of luxury air travel.  But when the Gen13 teens win tickets to be amoung the first aboard -- and a beautiful and mysterious woman asks Bobby for help with her suitcase -- adventure and intrigue are close behind.   Especially when the woman turns out to be a spy on the run with millions of dollars ... and the people she scammed are plotting to crash the dirigible into an iceberg for revenge!

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